Are we too cosy?

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

HI! Are we all too cosy in this world we believe to be everyone’s. I was just wondering if we are all living in a different world. For all we know, the world that we live in is actually not our life. In fact the people that read this are probably a completely different person to who they are in their world, or even maybe they don’t exist and they were randomly placed in my world because I needed more people. I sometimes wonder if life is almost like the maze runner series. We are living in a world, the only world that we know to be true, but really outside there is a whole other world that other people are living in.
I only wonder this because, for example, you’re on a plane and that day you are on the plane is your lucky day, however it is somebody else’s unlucky day. If this was situation then the lucky person would have a plane that won’t crash but the unlucky person will have a plane that crashes into the sea for instance. But what if they were both on the same plane? Would the plane crash or would it survive? How would the two people’s luck weigh out? What if the one person had the same amount of luck as the other person has unluck( idk what the word is)? The plane has to either crash or survive, doesn’t it? So does this mean that if the plane survived then the person who is unlucky is just in the lucky person’s world to take up space, but in their own world, they are unlucky and everything they do goes wrong?

Sorry, I was just wandering. Comment below what you think.

Byeeeeeeeeeee xx

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