via Daily Prompt: Silent

Before I start, make sure to read the whole post before leaving a comment. I have no idea where this idea came from. I was just doing homework and eating a candy cane and then  thought of this.

Hi. So, here we are on my post and you probably clicked because you thought it was to do with silence in general, but no! I am going to talk about silence of the year we live in. For all we know, the earth could be billions of years old. Who’s to say that Jesus was really born. If u don’t believe in god and Jesus or any religion then why do you still stay that this is the year 2017. If u don’t believe in Jesus, then u don’t believe in the year that he was born  0 ad. If u don’t believe any of that then how is this the year 2017 after Christ was born, when u don’t even believe that Christ was born. For all we know, this could be the year 6349 because as an Atheist, we believe that god and Jesus don’t exist, he was never born and so therefore there is not a date to count forward from a particular figures birth. In fact, this year is quite possibly 4,374,000,000,000 but everybody believes the year is 2017 because this is supposedly how many years after Jesus was born, but not how many earth has been around for. I guarantee that you will leave this post thinking about how maybe everybody is wrong. Or everybody is right, depending on your religion and whether you have one.

If you want, start a conversation in the comments  about what you think. Feel free to completely disagree with everything I have said, because if I had a religion and I was reading this then I would probably hate the person who wrote this(aka me).




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