via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Daily Prompt: Gratitude

So, today you are probably expecting me to write a post about gratitude, maybe towards one person for helping me. I am kind of doing that, but I would like this person to receive gratitude, not just from me, but from anybody else who is reading this blog  and goes to watch this YouTube video.

Earlier today, I found myself just casually scrolling through YouTube and my feed like I do nearly everyday. However, I came across something that I believe could change my life and yours to. It was a video from YouAreCreators and it talks about how to change your life and how to achieve your goals that you have set out for the future. There are videos on their channel about how to talk money into your life and how to achieve those goals. One thing I would like to say is that these videos include the laws of the universe and spiritual beliefs. I know for a fact that I do not believe in all of those types of things and conspiracy theories, but they manage to do their videos and present to you their way of thinking without really showing that side of it.

Many of you will probably decide not to watch their videos, so the idea is that you should embrace only positivity and get rid of all negative thoughts and negativity as if they are weeds. They state in one video that: “You are what you become.” If you constantly think about something that you really want and block all the negative thoughts then there is no other option but for you to receive what your goal is that you want.

I could not possibly type out everything they said onto this blog because you would be reading for hours. I hope that you go and check out their channels and if you would like to, then I have left the links below to some of their videos and the homepage for their channel. If you do not, then the overview for one video is above. I would like to give gratitude to YouAreCreators for making these videos and for making me see things differently or helping to make it more possible for my dreams to come true.

Thank you



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YouAreCreators homepage on YouTube

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