So, I had an idea to write a response to the daily post one word prompt. The word today is identity and I wasn’t quite sure what to write about to be honest. Before I carry on with the blog, (while on the topic of identity) if you haven’t already then you should definitely watch the film identity thief.

      Anyway, identity is something that means so much to people in the 21st century, it is almost as though, if you don’t have your own unique identity about who you are as a person, people will judge you. I do agree that when we see somebody who is copying another person, we do seem to just dismiss them and forget about them, or we say mean things to them because we don’t like the fact that there is already one version of somebody and we don’t need two. However, how many people do you think actually see this situation from the second person’s point of view and how they feel. I mean, really, the reason most people will copy somebody is because they see someone as their idol and so are just trying to be more like them. Why should we ‘shoot somebody down’ for trying to be more like somebody else? Trying to achieve something they believe in. Trying to become a better person. Maybe in society today we are too harsh on people and we should let everybody be themselves or be they want to be, without a whole load of judgement running after them. Maybe identity is something that, yes we should appreciate the fact we are not all similar, but also let us all be different.

            If there is only one thing that you take from my blog today, I hope it is that we should embrace differences and let people be themselves, with whatever identity they want.

            Thanks for reading my blog (if you made it this far through my mild rant) and I hope you will see identity in maybe a different light. A better one.                                      Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee


Daily post prompt <a href=”Identity“>identity .

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