So at school we have this talent show every year, which is hosted by year 11s and last year i just joined the school, so i didn’t want to do it. However, this year i am in  year 8 and i really want to audition and sing in the talent show, but i’m so nervous, i cant even write my name on the sign up sheet. Like, i really want to do it, as this would be a huge step for me, but i have never sang in front of anyone properly before and I have never had anybody say i am good singer before because i have sang in front of other people. My worry isn’t that i will go up on the stage and forget the words, my worry is that people wont like my voice, even though i think i am good. I might just think that in my head.

If you are reading this, then please leave a comment if you think i should sign up and give it a go, or if you have any other advice, i would love to hear it.




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