Stupid, stupid, stupid

Hi, so I was at school today and I had basketball after school, therefore I was in my P.E kit. Anyway, the club finished and I went to get my P.E and school bag. I got these, while wearing my blazer and my shoes are in my bag. In the rush I was in (as my mom had been waiting for 20 minutes), I left the changing rooms without my school uniform in my bag. I literally left my skirt, my blouse and my tie(oh and my tights) at school in the changing room lockers. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. This isn’t really the first time. I left the whole of my P.E kit on the school bus once. EVERYTHING!!! So that’s how my day went. I hope yours went a lot better than this. During the day, I also managed to break my water bottle, so I am  water-bottless and I also did something to my shin and my neck because they really hurt.

Anyway, gotta scoot, so




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