You may be asking why I decided to start a blog. There is of course the first reason, which can be said for probably every blogger.  I want to show the world how I feel! This is true, however, there is another reason. This is that I have a dream to either be a singer or female basketball player. Now being the mild schizophrenic person I am, I know that many of you will be thinking :’ Oh, here’s another person who wants to become famous and thinks that they can just start a blog and become famous from it.’ That is not what I have started a blog for. I have started it because I want to show people how I feel and there is a chance a could get a break, but that is not what I want the outcome just to be. Even if I only learn a couple things about myself from this experience, I will grasp it with both hands and I believe that if you follow me, you follow me because you like me for who I am and you trust that I don’t want to become famous, just from writing a blog. (No shade thrown towards Zoella and her books, I still like her just as much).

Anyway, gotta go so




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